Kirsty & Richard – Engagement; Burlington

Once again, I, Lesley, tagged along with Mike (StreeterStevens Photography) to an engagement shoot for a wedding that I will be second shooting with him this upcoming September. Honestly, I have to completely admit that I am sooo grateful to have met such a great person within the industry… I have built a friendship derived off of a passion we both share, yet we both are able to completely thrive, and learn, off of one another. It’s pretty wonderful!

Kirsty and Richard were amazing to work with. They were totally fun, easy going and pretty much up for anything – well, aside from jumping in the lake (shame…)!!! We had a great time photographing them at the lifebridge/pier in Burlington, ON.

You have to admit… these pictures are H.O.T! Check out some of my favourites… and enjoy!






– Lesley