Kirsty & Richard – Wedding; Teatro Conference & Event Centre – Milton

I need to start off, once again, acknowledging Mike (from StreeterStevenS Photography) for hiring me to second shoot this beautiful couple with him. You might remember these two for their engagement shoot at the liftbridge in Burlington, ON {view engagement shoot here} – one of my favourite engagement shoots to date. Kirsty and Richard got married at the very beginning of this month – September 7, 2013.

Well! What started off to be a pretty wet morning didn’t stop the clouds from parting for half of their dedicated photo time, and reception. Every bride worries about rain on their wedding day – all their planning, their beautiful white dress… the hair!!! But, on the bright side, they say it’s good luck to have rain on your wedding day – I know that’s little consolation to the brides who have always dreamed of having an outdoor wedding, or beautiful sun-filled photos. But, no matter how well you’ve planned everything else, you can’t control the weather. So, why waste time worrying about it?

I’m going to say this – it is okay to act like you are the new starring role of The Notebook and you are shooting the famous cover photo! Sure, we all hate getting wet – but, if its going to rain on your wedding day – I have one piece of advise for you… embrace it!

Kirsty and Richard surely embraced it. At first, Kirsty was a bit worried about her dress – but she finally let it fall from her clench and we captured some beautiful photos at the bronte harbour in Oakville, ON. We had tons of time between the ceremony at the Walton Memorial Church and their reception, so we actually stopped at 2 locations for their bridal party photos – Bronte Harbour, in Oakville, and Victoria Park, in Milton – on the way to their reception at the Teatro Conference & Event Centre.

Kirsty and Richard are an awesome couple, and like I have mentioned previously, their loves seeps! As a wedding photographer, it is amazing to be able to witness true love amongst your clients. Not only that, but it is the coolest thing to meet, and make, new friends on a continual basis – and friends is exactly how I would classify Kirsty and Richard! I had an absolutely wonderful time photographing their wedding day.

Please enjoy my favourites (there are a lot) from their special day.





















– Lesley

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  • Kirsty said:

    My dear Lesley, how amazing are you! These pictures put the biggest smile on my face.
    Thank you for your nice words and for shooting amazing photos. I am so lucky to have them as beautiful memories for the rest of my life ;)

    I seriously can't thank you and Mike enough. I'm going to need some business cards, everyone I see wants one lol

    Cheers to you,

    Kirsty Gostlin xx