Christina & Daren – Engagement; Kariya Park & Riverwood Conservancy – Mississauga

Aw, man! Another one where I don’t know where to begin…!

I must say, I was completely privileged to be invited to photograph Christina and Daren’s engagement. I have known Christina and Daren for quite some time now – Daren slightly longer than Christina through our running group. Daren is a great guy and a great friend. The instant I met Christina I knew that she was the perfect match for him, and I remember my first impression of her being a very positive one. I thought she was super bubbly, kind and genuine.

When Christina informed me of her wedding day, it was so bitter sweet. Absolutely sweet because I am so happy for their new found love, and that they will be tying the knot this year. However, a bit bitter because I will only be able to celebrate this very special occasion with them in spirit. September 6, 2014 has proven to be one very popular date for weddings this year. Not only does this date match the date of Christina and Daren, but also the wedding date of Kristina and Liam, who are happily booked with my associate Heather. It also marks the wedding date of my best friend growing up, I nearly call her my sister, Karly, as she marries her love, Giuseppe, as well as countless other brides/grooms I had to say “sorry” to this year. Luckily though, Christina and Daren got the chance to book with a great industry friend of mine, Mike Streeter.

When I broke the news to Christina and Daren, she totally understood. Funnily enough though, when I recommended Mike to her, she already knew of his work and already had stalked his website slightly. My push of recommendation was enough for her to book almost immediately with Mike and, at that time, I was happy to promise that I would join them on their engagement photo-shoot.

Mike and I joined them first at Kariya Park in Mississauga, and then we ventured to Riverwood Conservancy with their two beautiful dogs – Kia & Phoenix. We had a great time, and think that Christina and Daren did too!

Hopefully you enjoy some of my favourites from their engagement photo-shoot.









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