Jana & Sasha – Wedding; Spencer Smith Park – Burlington

Where do I even begin? This wedding was a real pleasure to photograph, with a bit of different culture than most, but mostly because Jana and Sasha were a complete treat to work with. They were fun, outgoing, up for anything, and had some really great ideas. Not to mention, they are supportive (still “liking and commenting on FB posts” and kept on thanking us on THEIR special day! So sweet! Honestly, they went above and beyond to ensure we had everything we needed, which is always appreciated! So, Jana & Sasha, if you are reading – Thank YOU!

I was lucky enough to 2nd shoot this wedding for Mike Streeter of StreeterStevens Photography back on June 21, 2014. We arrived at Jana & Sasha’s house in Burlington, ON to get some photos of the guys getting ready. From there, we ventured over to the Waterfront Hotel at the bottom of Brant Street on Lakeshore, to photograph the girls completing their final touches. The buzz in the atmosphere was that of excitement, for sure.

Their ceremony was held at the outdoor gazebo just outside the Waterfront Hotel in Spencer Smith Park, which was beautifully decorated just for their ceremony and their family style dinner at Livadia Banquet Hall in Mississauga was beyond words! Honestly, have never seen any table set so amazingly. Between their ceremony and reception, Jana and Sasha had a cocktail reception at the Pepperwood on Lakeshore, which faces Spencer Smith Park. This immediately followed their ceremony, and allowed their guests to sit back on a beautiful day, while they got their photos taken.

Jana and Sasha had an amazing vision for their wedding day, and it was executed flawlessly. Everything from their vintagey-feel to their multi-coloured bridesmaid dresses to the balloons they engulfed their wedding ceremony in.

So, aside from my minor meltdown about an MIA {blank} CF card (I have to add the blank, because I don’t want anyone thinking I’m careless enough to potentially misplace a full CF card!), and searching, between locations, for it in the parking lot, car, bags, shoes, pockets and I’m sure a lot of other places… the day was perfect. The CF card, oh… it was found… in my camera bag… almost exactly where it was supposed to be! Of course.

Enjoy some of my favourites!
















Thanks for reading! xo
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  • This was an amazing wedding. And amazing people. You nailed this Lesley. Thank you.

    • Lesley said:

      Thanks for the opportunity, Mike! Once again.