Out with the old

OK SO! It’s been an insanely crazy week and I’ve been so good, this past few weeks, about staying focused – buckling down and “gettin’ er done” (that’s what the cool kids say, right?). Today, I just can’t contain myself. It’s the eve of my twenty ninth birthday (ahhh! I smell the cake and ice cream already!) and I’ve decided that today is the day to officially launch the new image of Pure Aperture Photography!

As I approach my 6 year anniversary of this start up, I never would have thought that my business would be where it is today. I owe a thousand thank you’s (maybe even more) to so many people for the growth my business has seen and for the experience, and confidence that I have adapted along the way. Six years ago I was one seriously nervous and introverted girl… I’m sure I had many people convinced that I would not make it in this expressive industry. Although I still catch a glimpse of that shy girl from time to time, they say that “the only person you should ever compare yourself to is the person you were yesterday.” I am always humbled by my newfound strength to overcome my fears (whether small or large) and rise above them.


Today marks the official launch of my new online space and logo! I am overjoyed to freshen up the site (which has been a seriously long time in the making), and present a brand image that better reflects the photographer I have become and am today! I really feel this re-brand truly reflects who I am on a personal and entrepreneurial front!


Thank you to all of my amazing clients, my friends and especially my family and mentors. I will forever be grateful for the love and support you have all provided to me along the way and I am thrilled to have you all join me on my growing adventure. I am excited to share what else is to come of Pure Aperture Photography and I have made a personal vow to not neglect this pretty baby of mine (that means lots of updates are still to come)!

Thanks for reading + don’t forget to comment below!