Whistle Bear Golf Club Wedding, Cambridge

Last year was a pretty phenomenal year. I had the pleasure of photographing many friends’ weddings, which is always the best feeling. Monica and I grew up together and I felt so much excitement when she asked me to photograph her wedding. Being able to capture anyone’s wedding is always an honour, but photographing a friends always has a certain air of gratitude attached to it.

I arrived at Delta Guelph, with my Starbucks in hand, and made my way through the chilly wind to the hotel lobby. After a brief chat with the kind reception girl, I headed in the direction she pointed to the elevators. A few deep breaths later, I mustered up the courage to hit the ‘up’ button and waited for the doors to open. I escaped the elevator and could instantly hear the chuckles from all the way down the hall. Of course, I did not need to look at the floors menu to decipher if I needed to go left or right. I could just follow the noise! Down the row of doors I went and came upon the one where all the cheer was coming from. A minute passed while I checked the text Monica had sent me earlier that day to ensure I was 100% in the right place. Confirmed! I chapped on the door and, of course, the room fell silent. Rhea (also a long time friend) answered the door and, for a brief moment, our excited greetings kept the room lit. A hotel room filled with half-ready ladies, whispering their hello’s and sharing their smiles. As I stepped further into the room, and my camera made it’s appearance, it became a bit more of a calm and serene atmosphere. Why is it that when someone sees a camera the instant reaction is to be anything but remotely casual? I’ve always found that to be a bit funny (maybe it’s just me)!

Monica was in her suite’s room having her makeup done when I arrived. The ever talented Courtney of Peachy Keen Beauty Studio was at work making sure Monica felt completely jaw droppingly beautiful on this important day, which – without a doubt – she was! Monica was anxious to get to the hall, for this reason we ended up spending a short time at the hotel. She decided she could just put her dress on there, which seamed to make sense. So, a couple makeup photos, some candids of the laughs and a few detail shots later, we were on our way to Whistle Bear Golf Club, in Cambridge.


The forecast for the day called for rain right around the time of the ceremony. We clearly all avoided the conversation in fear of perhaps jinxing the situation. The event coordinators at Whistle Bear were certainly great at keeping Monica calm and assuring her that despite the heavy clouds, they would do everything in their power to give her the outdoor ceremony that she dreamed. Well, I’m sure thanks to some serious silent praying (especially from all their guests, already seated outside, staring at what looked like the armageddon), the ceremony took place – outside, exactly where it should have.

PA1_5100 PA1_5194

The ceremony was beautiful (albeit slightly rushed in part due to the sky whispering to Trish Pajunen, of Kettle Creek Weddings,  to make it a quick one)! Immediately following the ceremony, we made it down to the front of Whistle Bear for family photos and began trying to organize members of the family so that this portion of the day could move quickly. Low and behold, the clouds had decided that they had held off long enough for us. As I see Monica’s eyes light up in a ghostly stare, the words “OH MY GOD!” and “UMBRELLA! WHERE ARE THE UMBRELLAS!?” come rushing out of her mouth (I think there might have been a [bleep] somewhere in there too, but we can pretend otherwise!). I turn around, to see exactly what she is freaking out about, to see a wall (seriously, and quite literally, A WALL!) of the heaviest looking rain coming straight for us!

I would be lying if I said some of us did not get wet… maybe soaked is a better term to use, but we all managed to get cover in the foyer of the venue. PHEW! As we all caught our breath and dried off, we discussed our next plan of action. We consecutively  decided to head out to the back deck area, where Whistle Bear staff would help clear space. As we started getting ready to commence round 2 of family photos, the clouds parted and the sun came shining down (thank you, thank you, thank you!).


Aside from the down-pour,  Monica and Jonathan’s wedding day was (in my eyes) quite flawless. Their ceremony was held outside, we ended up heading out onto the grounds for photos and their reception room was simply stunning! We even had time to go back out between meals and do some evening photos, which gave Monica and Jonathan a small breather amidst all the celebrating (INSIDER TIP: This is always a great way to not only get some really different and creative photos from your wedding day, but it’s a chance to step back and quite literally soak it all in too)!

PA1_4907 PA1_4917PA1_4913PA1_4937PA1_4925PA1_4920PA1_5756PA1_5820

I can certainly say that my first visit at Whistle Bear Golf Club was certainly eventful! I can also say I wouldn’t have had it any other way! Thanks to Monica and Jonathan for trusting in me and sharing their special day with me! I had a blast capturing this day for you guys!

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  • Beautiful work! Lovely to see such stunning images coming from a local photographer!

  • Jessica Horton said:

    Beautiful wedding!!

  • This wedding is so beautiful. The photos are stunning and the entire wedding style is gorgeous!!! Love the florals, the wedding dress and her "something blue" shoes.

  • vanessa said:

    Beautiful work! Love the stormy sky!

  • Chantelle said:

    Gorgeous! oh my gosh that sky is amazing

  • Megan said:

    Do you know who the florist was for this wedding?

    • Lesley said:

      I do! Jodi Leigh Designs was the floral designer :) - http://www.jodileighdesigns.com/