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Your search for the best wedding vendors is top of the game right now, but you feel overwhelmed and keep getting re-routed back to square one. Honestly, where do you even start, am I right? Read on, my friends!

Well, since you already have a photographer (…umm… what? who said that?), I would love to take this opportunity to direct you to the Wedding Connection. There are few vendors that I feel comfortable recommending, but the Wedding Connection is the perfect team for your big day. The members of this group all boast qualities that bring their business to the top, every time – professionalism, quality, communication, friendliness, flexibility – and when paired together, this group creates magic.

If this recommendation doesn’t put you in a better spot than you were 10 minutes ago, well – I feel better knowing that at least I tried! Either way, check this amazing team out – in my opinion, they are the best in the business and you simply can’t go wrong!

You’ll say I’m completely biased now that I tell you that Pure Aperture is a proud, founding, member of Wedding Connection. But, really, I wouldn’t be working along side these vendors if I truly didn’t love the work they do!

Wedding Connection is one stop bridal shop to ensure planning your special day comes with ease, located in the heart of Downtown Milton at 157 Main Street East. By appointment only, the Wedding Connection offers vendor categories from photography, to videography, cake design, flowers, to food truck catering and so much more. For more info, or to get in touch with the team, visit