Romantic Edgewater Manor Wedding

On the first day of September, under a brilliant sky, love took centre stage as Melissa and Justin exchanged vows at the very place where their journey had begun, the enchanting Edgewater Manor. As their chosen photographer, we had the privilege of documenting the beautiful story of Melissa and Justin, a journey that had come full circle from a memorable proposal to a heartfelt wedding day.

It all started with a proposal that could rival the most romantic tales. Justin chose Edgewater Manor for this momentous occasion. Underneath the romantic arch with the Toronto skyline as their backdrop, he led Melissa to believe they were there to celebrate his birthday. Unbeknownst to her, this evening would become a cherished memory for a lifetime.

As they stood beneath that very arch, reminiscing about the past, Justin made a cheeky remark about the sneakers he was wearing, the very same ones he sported on their very first Blue Jays game. In that moment, he seamlessly segued into the most important question of all: "Will you marry me?" It was a proposal that was as witty as it was heartfelt, and it set the tone for their entire journey towards the altar at Edgewater Manor.

You could still see those iconic sneakers peeking out from beneath Justin's dapper suit, a symbolic link between that life-changing proposal. Melissa, radiating grace and beauty, wore a hairpiece that held sentimental value too, it had once adorned her sister on her wedding day, a symbol of shared love and cherished family ties.

The couple's vision for their wedding was simple yet sophisticated: elegant, fun, and relaxed. These three words perfectly encapsulated the atmosphere of their celebration, a reflection of the couple's personalities and their deep connection. The color theme of black, white, and gold set a timeless and classic backdrop for their love story to unfold.

What truly made Melissa and Justin's September wedding unique was their choice of dessert. Instead of a traditional wedding cake, they opted for Krispy Kreme donuts, a delightful twist that showcased their fun-loving personalities. Who could resist the allure of those sweet, sugary delights?

Yet, what made the evening undeniably unforgettable was the palpable love that seemed to burst from every corner of Edgewater Manor. You could feel it in the way they looked at each other, in the way they held hands during their vows, and in the joyful tears that welled up in their friends and family. Their love story had come full circle, from a heartfelt proposal under the arch to a beautiful wedding at the same venue.

As photographers, it's our privilege to capture moments that freeze time and preserve memories. Melissa and Justin's wedding was a joy to photograph, not only because of its sheer beauty but because of the love that enveloped every frame. Their love story is a testament to the fact that when two people come together with warmth, humour, and a lot of heart - magic happens.

So, here's to Melissa and Justin, a couple whose love story has unfolded with grace and charm. May your life together be filled with endless laughter, love that is as enduring as the Toronto skyline, and countless Krispy Kreme donuts to sweeten your journey.

We also want to extend our appreciation to their wonderful vendors who helped make this day so special:

These talented professionals played a vital role in bringing Melissa and Justin's vision to life, ensuring their wedding day was a true reflection of their love and personalities.

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